Captured bomber in Pakistan vows attacks (AP) – 764th Edition

EDS NOTE GRAPHIC CONTENT A Pakistani security official gets information from an injured suicide bomber at a shrine near Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan on Sunday, April 3, 2011. The bomber was wounded when his explosive vest only partially detonated. He was arrested along with a fourth militant who was seized before attacking, police official Ahmad Mubarak said. The Taliban suicide bombers struck one of Pakistan's most important Sufi Muslim shrines on Sunday, killing at least 42 people and wounding over 100 who were celebrating the anniversary of its founder's death with music, meditation and other practices abhorred by Islamist militant groups, police said. (AP Photo/Saleem Raza)AP – His accomplices brought carnage to a Sufi shrine, but the 14-year-old suicide bomber who was captured after his explosives failed to detonate was unrepentant.

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