Divorces rise as taboo falls in urbanizing India (AP) – 917th Edition

In this photo taken on April 7, 2011, Indian divorce lawyer Geeta Luthra, left, talks to an unidentified client in New Delhi, India. As recently as a decade ago, divorce was a dirty word in this socially conservative and family oriented country, where even couples in the most unhappy and violent marriages would have little choice but to to stick it out.But as the economy here has boomed, the rigid boundaries governing traditional Indian life are beginning to fall, especially among the growing ranks of the urban middle class where women have more economic freedom than ever before. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das)AP – In a crowded courtroom on the city’s outskirts, the once unthinkable is reality: dozens of couples — rich and poor, educated and barely literate — seek divorce for reasons as varied as domestic violence to a simple inability to live together.

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