Elite Marine role in Afghanistan key to 2014 exit (AP) – 2139th Edition

In this photo taken Nov. 24, 2011, Afghan village children gawk at Marines as they arrive at their small compound in Puzeh, Afghanistan. In this dusty village in southern Afghanistan an elite team of U.S. Marines is trying to help Afghans set up a homegrown militia to withstand the Taliban insurgency. As the U.S. withdraws tens of thousands of troops from Afghanistan in coming months, it will fall to such special operations teams to build sufficient footings for stability in key areas of the country. (AP Photo/Robert Burns)AP – In this dusty village in southern Afghanistan a small team of elite U.S. Marines is nudging Afghans toward rejection of the Taliban insurgency, a mission that is emerging as central to the U.S. and NATO exit strategy but is little known beyond the rugged brown hills of the upper Helmand River Valley.

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