Gunmen on motorbikes kidnap workers in Afghanistan (AP) – 457th Edition

File photo of an Airborne Warning and Control Systems aircraft (AWACS) reconnaissance aircraft taking off at NATO-Airbase in Geilenkirchen near Aachen February 24, 2003. Germany, which abstained from a U.N. Security Council vote backing military action in Libya, may free up U.S. reconnaissance planes to back operations against Muammar Gaddafi by sending more German crews to Afghanistan. The proposal was being discussed within Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition March 18, 2011. NATO is operating 24-hour surveillance of Libya with AWACS reconnaissance aircraft which are based in Germany, and about a third of the NATO AWACS crews are Germans. REUTERS/Juergen Schwarz/files (GERMANY)

 - Tags: MILITARY POLITICS)AP – Gunmen on motorcycles kidnapped six road engineers and their driver as they were traveling to a work site in northern Afghanistan, a public works official said Friday.

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