High school baseball unifies tsunami-hit Japan (AP) – 666th Edition

In this photo taken Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Shinsuke Noyama of Soshi Gakuen High School makes a speech in front of home plate during the opening ceremony of the national high school baseball invitational tournament at Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, western Japan. 'We were born 16 years ago, in the year of the great Kobe earthquake,' said Noyama, his face grim and chest proud. 'Today, in the great East Japan earthquake, many precious lives have been lost, and our souls are filled with sorrow.' (AP Photo/Kyodo News) JAPAN OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT, NO LICENSING IN CHINA, HONG KONG, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA AND FRANCEAP – If Japan has a field of dreams, it’s a well-groomed patch of grass and dirt called Koshien.

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