NATO: 4 service members killed in Afghanistan (AP) – 134th Edition

FILE - In this March 26, 2001 file photo, Taliban soldiers stand at the base of the mountain alcove where the world's tallest Buddha statue once stood up to 180 feet high, in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. German scientists say it is possible to reconstruct at least one of the giant 1,500 year-old Buddha statues in central Afghanistan that had been dynamited by the Taliban ten years ago despite a worldwide outcry. Erwin Emmerling of Munich's Technical University said Monday, Feb. 28, 2011, his researchers studied several hundred fragments of the statues that once towered up to 180 feet high in Bamiyan province. (AP Photo/Amir Shah, File)AP – Four NATO service members, including a 37-year-old Italian lieutenant, were killed across Afghanistan on Monday by roadside bombs and an insurgent attack, the coalition said.

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